Hot Tea for Hot Times!


When I was a little boy, I would be working in the fields, bailing hay with my grandpa, working up a sweat and wondering when it was gonna be break time. At last, I’d see grandma walking our way with a basket. Food and drink at last!

Frequently, I’d spend a little time ribbing grandpa for drinking hot coffee. “Grandpa, you’re crazy! It’s hot as all get out and you’re drinking hot coffee!” He’d take my ridicule well and then tell me how my ice cold beverage was tricking my body into shutting down it’s inherent cooling system and making the hot weather worse for myself. All these decades later, I’d love to be able to phone up my grand-dad and thank him for so many things he taught me, that included.

In the world of tea, different teas are seen as having their own thermal nature. Cooling, neutral and warming. Green and white teas are seen as cooling, yellow and oolong as neutral, black, dark oolongs and pu’er as warming.

Cover all your bases and drink hot green tea in the summer heat. Sure, there’s no shame in icing your tea, but give a few days experiment with hot tea on a hot day. Sure, we know different bodies and different environments call for different measures, ain’t no one size fits all type of world we got here! Life is an experiment though, tweak variables, check outcomes.

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