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Spring 2018 crop.

Cloud and Mist translates from "Yun Wu" and is named for the misty mountain slopes upon which this beautiful and delicious tea grows. Our Cloud and Mist tea is grown within a nature reserve on Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and is nourished by the cooling and misting climate there, yielding a leaf that is rich in vitamins and theanine!

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Additional Info

The growers there take a step beyond growing organically by practicing the art of biodynamic farming - it's like homeopathy for the land and the farmers have to be very tuned in to every little thing that is happening in their soil. 

The dried leaf is green with twists and turns.  The aroma of the dried leaf when placed into a warmed brewing vessel yields an aroma that is rich and buttery and when cooling turns sweet with hints of cinnamon!  Flavor of the brewed cup is sweet and crisp, with a hint of nutty and fruity notes.  A wonderful and classic green tea!

The photo of the mountain is where this tea is grown. Look closely and you will see many tea bushes.