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2013 Dehong Mao Cha

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Many in the West have never tried pu'er tea, let alone a mao cha.  Mao cha translates to "unfinished tea".  It is the sun-dried form of the leaf before it is steamed and pressed into cakes and made into a green style pu'er.

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This tea comes from Dehong Prefecture in Yunnan Province where it grows at an altitude of about 6,000 feet.  "Wild" teas like this come from very old trees that are surrounded by the natural flora of the Yunnan forest.  It isn't sprayed with pesticides or "farmed" in the same way we usually envision crops.  There are no tidy rows of uniform height, it looks more like organized foraging.  Roots grow deep, pulling minerals from the soil and the surrounding plants contribute symbiotically to the resiliance, flavor, and vitality of the tea.

Dehong Mao Cha can be brewed without the rough bitterness usually associated with young pu'er.  Short infusions at temerpatures between 175-212 degrees produce cup after cup of spicy, sweet, woodsy mineral goodness.  Adding time to taste will satisfy anyone looking for a potent, complex brew.  Expect raised energy levels, improved mood, and a subtle sweetness in your mouth well after your cup is empty.