250 gram Mandala Old Tea Nugget Brick - 2011

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Another one of our ripe products from the Lincang region - a super clean growing area, far away from roads and cities!  Picked in 2008 and processed into ripe tea in 2009, the nuggets that make up this brick are milder in flavor than some of our other cha tous, but still a joy to drink both in shorter and lengthier infusions.  Warming, stimulating, and gentle on the palate.

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Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Raw Pu'er tea may be given a 5-10 second rinse (Ripe Pu'er may be given two 5-10 second rinses) with the same temperature water as used for brewing.  
  • 195˚-212˚ F water temperature.
  • Use 1-3 teaspoons per 8 Oz. of filtered water.
  • Recommended first steeping of 30 seconds - 1 minute.  Add 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

Tea brewing is meant to be a joyful exploration. There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with the quantity of tea that you use, and steeping times. Enjoy discovering what your preferences are. They may change day to day.