Silver Needle White Tea
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Silver Needle White Tea

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Spring 2019 crop.

A very precious and delicate tea characterized by the fine white hairs on the leaf. This beautiful white tea is only harvested for a couple of days each spring. It produces a rich body and savory aroma. Rich in antioxidants, as well as other extremely healthful minerals, white teas are less astringent than green teas with all of the same benefits. Its light and smooth flavor make it ideal for accompanying food, or soothing in the evening due to its lower level of caffeine.

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Silver Needle White Tea
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Additional Info

Our Silver Needle is a premium grade tea from the Yunnan Province where clean air and water from the Tibetan Plateau nourishes the tea bushes. This helps to ensure a pure tea bud. 

Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Loose, white tea should be given a 10 second rinse with the same temperature water as used for brewing.
  • 175˚-185˚ F water temperature.
  • Use 1 Tbsp. per 8oz. of filtered water.
  • Recommended first steeping of 1minute. Add 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion up to 3 minutes.
  • Tea brewing is meant to be a joyful exploration. There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with the quantity of tea that you use, and steeping times. Enjoy discovering what your preferences are. They may change day to day.