About Mandala tea


We are Garret Sorensen and Sara Atkinson of Mandala Tea in Rochester, Minnesota.  Thank you so much for seeking us out and joining our circle, our mandala of fellow tea-loving customers, restaurants, retailers, cafes, and wellness professionals.

We want to share the joy and good health that high quality tea has brought to our lives. Tea can be fun, meditative, healthy and a real pleasure to share with friends and family. It’s not that we are obsessed with tea, it’s just that we can hardly think of anything else! 

After years of studying, experimenting and searching for superb quality tea, we were dissatisfied with our options here in the west and decided to begin importing and selling tea and tea wares ourselves to ensure freshness and quality in the products that we recommend. It has ended up that we have gone directly to the source, China, in order to get the finest teas and to understand the magnitude of the tea culture in the world! 

Our commitments to you:

  • To bring in the finest quality teas and tea accessories. While visiting China, we have met several of our growers and procure teas grown in pristine areas of China, away from the pollution of the large cities, by small-scale growers.
  • To ensure freshness in the products we offer. We taste the difference in fresh well-stored tea compared to old, dusty tea and know that you will too.  Our inventory is stored at optimal temperatures and humidity and we purchase our teas seasonally in small batches to keep the latest crops ready to sell to you now.
  • To share our enthusiasm and to provide education of a tea lifestyle that can bring so much peace, joy and good health! We have learned so much through our years of practice and travel through the heartland of tea and we want to provide information brewing methods, the history of tea, and the health benefits of tea so that you can create your own perfect cup of tea.  We will continue to share information as we learn more, and create how-to videos to make the information as fun and simple as possible.
  • Customer service and your satisfaction are very important to us.  We believe this is a lost art in our culture and want to provide personal service to you, our friends along the way! Never, ever hesitate to email or call us with any questions you might have.

With gratitude, 

Garret and Sara