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Green Tea

Matcha - Superfine Organic Green Tea Powder

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We are pleased to offer this ceremony grade green tea powder made famous by Japanese and Buddhist tea ceremonies.  The powder offers a strong and unique green tea flavor while the nutrients are readily absorbed by the body. Since the drinker actually ingests de-veined, powderized tea rather than an infusion, the nutritional potential of matcha is very high.  Think of all of the green tea health boosters such as l-theanine, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and the catechin EGCg packed into a concentrate up to 10x stronger than a normal cup of green tea.  This is why many people blend their matcha into smoothies like they would any other green super-food.

Our matcha was produced using shade-grown tea leaves in the clean and moist air near Haungshan, in the Jiangxi province of China. Try some today, come back for more tomorrow! It’s that good.

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Additional Info

If you enjoy the bold, traditional beverage we recommend heating good-tasting water to just below boiling and adding a few drops to 1/2-1 teaspoon of powder.  Mix this into a well-incorporated paste or slurry before adding 6-8 oz of hot water and whisking together.

Matcha is also great cooking ingredient frequently used in dessert recipes.  We enjoy whipping up chilled matcha lattes in the shop by adding vanilla almond milk and a sweetener, shaking with ice cubes, and topping with milk froth.  Yum!

Depending on strength desired, one ounce of our organic matcha can be made into 8 to 18 servings.

Matcha Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

What you'll need -

3 oz of lemonade
4 oz of water
1 scoop of matcha (1/2 tsp)
1 handful of ice

Mix your water, lemonade and matcha together. You may use a hand blender or you could add all the ingredients (including the ice) into a drink shaker and shake, shake, shake your delicious drink!