Oolong Tea

Immortal Prayer Oolong Mini-brick

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From Fujian to you, this mini-brick oolong is a wonderful treat for you and your friends. Weighing in at 10 grams per brick, each vacuumed sealed pack gives you a lot to go on and may be easily split into smaller portions for smaller pots. 

In China, this tea is called Zhang Ping Shui Xian and it is grown on Wuyi mountain in Fujian. It has a flowery aroma, reminiscent of Taiwanese high mountain oolong and a lovely, lively, sweet and thick flavor. Magnificent!

Vintage 2018!

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Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Oolong should be given a 5-10 second rinse with the same temperature water as used for brewing.

  • 195˚ F water temperature.

  • Use 1 teaspoon per 8oz. of filtered water

  • Recommended first steeping of 30 seconds. Add 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion up to 3 minutes.

  • Tea brewing is meant to be a joyful exploration. There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with the quantity of tea that you use, and steeping times. Enjoy discovering what your preferences are. They may change day to day.