Water Heater Cleaner Descaler

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Removes scale & build up SIMPLY, SAFELY, & ECONOMICALLY.

This cleaner is a non-toxic, food-grade, organic, biodegradable product.  You can rest easy, knowing that there are no harmful chemicals, fragrances, or residues that would negatively effect your health or the planets.  Your water heater/kettle will run more efficiently and you eliminate calcium build up by regularly using this product.  Using vinegar to clean metal has been shown to degrade the metal over time.  This cleaner will eliminate that risk.  Here’s to your health, and a good clean cup of tea!

INSTRUCTIONS:  Use 2 Tablespoons in your water heater.  Follow the manufacturers instructions for the programmed cleaning mode. We fill to the full line on the kettle or heater, add the cleaner and then bring kettle up to boil and switch off. After 10 minutes, bring back up to boil again and let sit for 10 more minutes. Rinse out and you are ready for tea!

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.

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