White & Yellow Tea

Yunnan Yellow 2019

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All the right conditions came together to create this delicious and rare yellow tea. Grown in fertile soil, far away from cities, no pesticides or sprays are used in this tea garden. The tea plants grow up amongst all the native flora and fauna here and yield leaves that are loaded with flavor and nutrients.

The yellowing (aka sealing) of the leaves make a bright tea liquor that is less astringent than green teas, the flavor slightly floral, smooth and full-bodied. Brew this up with filtered water at temps of 160º to 175ºF and be prepared to be delighted.

We are very excited to offer this 2019 spring tea. This leaf will age nicely, deepening in flavor over the next 18 months to 3 years. Try some today, save some to age!

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Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Loose, yellow tea may be given a 10 second rinse with the same temperature water as used for brewing.  

  • 160˚-175˚ F water temperature.

  • Use 1 Tbsp. per 8oz. of filtered water.

  • Recommended first steeping of 30 seconds -1minute.  Add 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion up to 3 minutes or longer to taste.

  • Tea brewing is meant to be a joyful exploration. There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with the quantity of tea that you use, and steeping times. Enjoy discovering what your preferences are. They may change day to day.