The Time(lessness) of Tea

The moment is where we spend most of our time.

Hello Dear friends!

Working in the shop today, we were listening to a recording from a Grateful Dead show that I attended on this day in 1989. 25 years ago? Impossible, I tell you! But it's true.Even though I don't feel a day over 25, time is cruising right along,  I'm 47 now and the calendar moves ahead unfazed by any of my wishes that it would just slow down, that the merry-go-round would do a few less RPM's.

Tea, the wonderful beverage that I (re)connected with 15 years ago, is like a steady and trusty companion who reminds me that no matter how fast things seem to be moving, there is always time. Time to sit and remember. Time to be with friends. Time to meditate, to practice yoga. Time to recall memories that may or may not be mine. Time to take care of myself and to care for others. Time to be of service. Time for compassion and time to laugh, cry and rejoice in this often confusing life.

Let's pull back from the "busy"-ness and let the moment shine with awareness. Let's sit with our teapot and our favorite tea, alone or across from a friend. This is the moment, and as Terence McKenna said, "the moment is where we spend most of our time." Let's live it, shall we?

With gratitude,