A Rice Scented Herb?

Nuo Mi Xiang Ye is the name of the herb that we have incorporated into our exclusive ripe pu’er blend called Rice Aroma. Let’s find out more about it!

The name of the herb translates loosely to “glutinous rice scented/flavored leaf.” The plant is grown in some tea gardens in the Yunnan province of China in the shade of old tea trees. In China you will find the herb used not only to scent pu’er tea, but also to cook with and to help dispel toxins and clear excess heat in the body. 

Nuo Mi Xiang in the wild. 

Nuo Mi Xiang in the wild. 

When the leaf is incorporated with a high quality pu’er tea and blended in the perfect ratio with it, the herb lends its steamed basmati rice, grain-like aroma to the pot and a whole new character to the ripe pu’er experience, one that is completely unique.

In our Rice Aroma blend, both the herb and the ripened pu’er leaves are grown without sprays and pesticides. This means greater health for us, but also makes the herb so much more effective at clearing toxins in our bodies. 

We should point out that this blend is both grain and gluten-free.