September Morn'


Now that's what I call a hot date!

As the air begins to cool and the days shorten, already we see an increase in the sales of the darker teas here at Mandala. Almost as if by instinct, people begin to choose the ripe pu'ers, the black teas and the darker oolongs, gravitating toward the heartier and hotter teas.

What many people don't realize is that in the world of Chinese medicine, tea, like food, has a "thermal nature" and the different styles of tea affect the body in varying ways. In the spring and summer, the more cooling thermal nature of the white tea, green tea, yellow tea and the greener oolongs aid one in a cooling effect. Conversely, in the autumn and winter seasons, the teas with the warming thermal nature (darker oolongs, black teas and ripe pu'ers) help the body kick up the internal temperature a notch and give a boost to our internal thermos.

So if you find yourself reaching for that warm cup of robust black tea, ripe pu'er, or that rich dark oolong, you'll know that it's not just a mind trick - the stuff is actually helping you warm up. 

Isn't life wonderful? We think so.