The Joy of Sharing Tea


  • We humans have been serving tea to our guests since the beginning of recorded history. For thousands of years, we have been connecting with one another over the worlds second most popular beverage. We have made political decisions, healed, been healed, served, been served, debated, sung, shared poetry, shared dreams and have witnessed each other going through this human life.

    When we sit with another and share tea, we hold a space where we provide nourishment and bring comfort. In this great giving and caring about another, we also receive. It is a space of true connection and many good things can happen.

    Over tea, trust deepens as the heart opens and we engage the senses as we seek to create an environment which reduces distraction and our mind goes from self to other.

    One of the things I enjoy so much about serving tea to another is the spontaneous silence that can occur as a guest breathes and awaits the pouring of the tea. Ram Dass, a great meditation teacher had a stroke which altered his ability to speak freely and fluently. When he lectures he sometimes has long periods of silence as he works to free the words from his mind and put them into speech. He invites the audience to simply "play with him" in the silence and breathe. Giving ourselves permission to simply sit and not feel obligated to speak is such a gift. The expectation to always fill the silence with words is so strong and often creates the conditions for what Buddha called "idol chatter" and gossip; speaking for speakings sake.

    When we are quiet, we can think more clearly, we can deepen our understanding of our senses and when we do speak, it is from a place of peace, not imbalance.  We can truly listen to another when we are not sitting there already formulating our next sentence.  There is deep healing for the heart and mind in that space.

    I encourage you to invite someone for tea. Maybe there is someone whom you have had some issues with in the past that has prevented you both from making a potentially great connection.  Perhaps a family member with whom you've had a misunderstanding.  Maybe you need to make amends with someone you've hurt. Or maybe you just want to have an uncomplicated joyful time with a dear old friend. Time over tea will help no matter what the situation.

    Relish silence should it occur and just tea here now, letting it unfold naturally and without hurry.  This is where the healing happens.

    Peace to you, peace to your peeps,