From Being to Doing.


For many of us, waking up and getting going is a rather rapid shift. The jolt of the alarm clock’s warning launches us into a flurry of activity and we don’t allow ourselves to honor that transition from the world of sleep into the world of activity.

The time between waking up and fully engaging with our day is a valuable opportunity to remember who we are before we begin what we do. Are we not humans being and not just humans doing?

What works best for me is to lie in bed upon awakening and recall my dreams. Were there lessons presented? Did I receive answers or solutions to things that had been puzzling me the day before? A little bit of stretching in bed and then a stroll to the meditation cushion, where I sit and breathe, clear out any cobwebs from the night and begin the day with a clear slate, clear mind. What a perfect segue into the more active ritual of making my first tea of the day, still honoring stillness but moving toward more alertness and action.

When I begin my day in this fashion, calmly honoring the shift from inactivity to activity, it sets the stage for a day in which I am more able to easily adapt to what is presented. I know I’m more kinder to myself, more kind to my fellow drivers on the road and more responsive and less reactive to the challenges which crop up.

How are you beginning your days? How might you more mindfully make the shift from being to doing, dear friend? If you find yourself flailing at making this a consistent practice, are there friends who are doing this that you might ask for support and encouragement?

Perhaps you can begin simply by giving yourself that couple extra minutes in bed upon awakening to just be. There will be plenty of time in the day to do and that morning time is a great place to get to know and love yourself more. Trust me, there is no one groovier to know that your very own self.

Bright blessings,