Tea DNA and Sustainability

We have been hearing from some of our growers about the impact of climate change on their crops in China and Taiwan. With more droughts followed by too much rain, agriculture in general is having a harder time all around the globe. Here is an interesting article about what some in the tea world are looking into to keep tea growing despite climate change. We thought you’d like to read it. 


We would add that while some of the article focuses on the soil degradation due to the use of inorganic spraying, as it does here in the US as well, that we look to growers who are not using sprays and instead are growing organically and biodynamically to supply us (and you). It is the large scale growing operations in the world that are using inorganic measures due to the fact that mono-culture growing is simply not sustainable at this poin and might not ever be. It’s simply not natural.

With warmth and gratitude, 

Mandala Tea