Black Tea

Black Tea Bounty


We've got just the thing for your black tea loving friends here. Get 4 one ounce bags of true deliciousness from two different Chinese provinces, Yunnan and Fujian. Tea-riffic black teas that are sure to please. 

Valued at $32, you'll receive this package for $27 and it includes the following teas:

Black Gold - Strong body, malty, light sweetness.

GABA Black - Honey, baked goods, pastry, smooth.

Golden Strand - Sweet, caramel, malty, mild.

Flowering Cones - Super convenient, rich and sweet.

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Additional Info

Black tea is produced by fully oxidizing a tea leaf once it has been picked. It is a heartier tea and should be steeped with higher temperature water. You will likely enjoy doing only a few longer steepings, but black tea can be prepared Gong Fu style. 

Basic Brewing Instructions:

  • Black tea may be given a 5-10 second rinse with the same temperature water as used for brewing.
  • 208˚ F water temperature. (Just below boiling.)
  • Use 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon, depending on leaf size, per 8oz. of filtered water
  • Recommended first steeping of 1minute. Add 1 minute for each subsequent steeping up to 5 minutes.
  • Alternately, try one long steeping of 3-5 minutes.
  • Tea brewing is meant to be a joyful exploration. There are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with the quantity of tea that you use, and steeping times. Enjoy discovering what your preferences are. They may change day to day.